Since the arrival of the keyboard piano software Everyone Piano, millions of people worldwide have downloaded it and enjoyed using it, but there was a steep learning curve. To make it easier for everyone to learn the keyboard piano, we worked hard to research and write the EOP Demon Training Camp series: the first complete keyboard piano tutorial in the world.


We identified some common problems while trying to play the keyboard piano:


Hands are uncoordinated: I can't play with both hands!

Rhythm is unstable: I can't play evenly!

Music score must be memorized: I can't play by sight reading!

...  ...  ...


But we can change all of that

With the Best Piano Learning Videos!

Everybody Can Learn PC Keyboard Piano

In Just 30 Days!

Can you believe it?


What a joke!

You've got to be kidding me!


First, a video:




Amazing, right?

Here's another video.


What if I told you that you could also play world renown, popular music in just a few months?

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You must be wondering:

How can everyone play the keyboard piano in just 30 days?


First, as the best keyboard piano software in the world, Everyone Piano makes it easier for you to learn to play with educational and enriching plug-ins!

Second, not only is learning keyboard piano much easier than real piano, but also it is very useful for learning the real piano in the future, since you don't have to learn traditional piano methods.

Third, EOP Demon Training Camp uses a scientifically advanced method, which increases the difficulty of each lesson day by day. After 30 days of learning, you will master the keyboard piano unconsciously.

Fourth, a PC keyboard is more convenient than a bulky real piano- you can play it anytime, anywhere, and for as long as you want.

Finally, most importantly, we are all very familiar with the PC keyboard, and its fingering and coordination are very similar to a real piano. We just change from typing to piano playing, greatly decreasing the difficulty of starting out.




If you still have doubts,



Watch Our Tutorial Videos




Not bad right? Here's Another Video

Using the MIDI Keyboard


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Plug-ins and Exquisite EOP Skins
for Everyone Piano Users


Everyone Piano Metronome

---The Best Choice for Rhythmic Exercise


Everyone Piano Metronome is a device which can tap out rhythm - every tick of the metronome is one beat. Rhythm is very important for playing but also a big difficulty for beginners, so Everyone Piano Metronome is the best rhythm aid for beginners.


A constant tempo or speed of the beat (you can manually vary the tempo by adjusting the metronome) is very helpful for learners to play with a steadier rhythm. Use Everyone Piano Metronome in daily practice to gain better control of rhythm and form good habits.


EOP Follow Me

---The Best Assistant Tool for EOP Tiros


EOP Follow Me is short for Everyone Piano Follow Me to Play the Piano. It is the first assistant tool worldwide for playing the piano. You follow the steps to play each note one by one, In seconds you will play fair-sounding music even without any basic music theory.


With EOP Follow Me, you can play any piano song without knowing music theory.



Music Stand

---The Essential Tool for Sight Reading Play


EOP Stand is the world's first piano score roller software. It automatically rolls the score screen and turns the pages according to the speed set by users. It can load any format of stave and numbered musical notation and adjust the score size.


With EOP Stand, you do not have to set the score book ahead to roll the pages manually. You will be able to focus all your energy on piano playing.



EOP NMN Follow Me

---The Powerful Assistant for Zero-Threshold Piano Learning


EOP NMN Follow Me is short for EOP Numbered Music Notation Follow Me. It's a teaching plug-in for numbered music notation learning. It totally breaks the rule that says you must learn the stave and greatly lowers the threshold to learning piano. As long as you know 1234567, you can use EOP NMN Follow Me to learn the piano easily.


EOP NMN Follow Me is the main tool used in EOP Demon Training Camp. Playing music notation, metronome, music stand, and turning off alternate hands are included with the program.

EOP MIDI Version

---The Essential Software for True Piano Learning


EOP MIDI version is specially designed for those who want to play real piano directly or after PC keyboard piano learning. If you have a MIDI keyboard, an electronic organ with MIDI port, a hand rolling piano or an electric piano, they can all be connected to the EOP MIDI Version. Loading the world's best piano VSTi sound source, attaching abundant EOP teaching and assistant plug-ins, EOP MIDI Version enables you to breezily learn the piano at home.


The EOP team's vision is: "Make all people learn the piano at a low cost". That's why we developed the EOP MIDI Version.


EOP Video Recorder

---The Easy Way to Show Your Learning Outcomes


EOP Video Recorder is specially developed by the EOP development team for EOP lovers to share their EOP music videos. You can easily record your EOP work and upload it to popular video sites instantly. Thousands of people can watch your video online.


Record screen and keyboard at the same time. You don't need others to help you record your achievement with a DV, you can record by yourself while playing.


Unlimited Resource Download

---Easily Download Thousands of Music Files with Daily Updates


There are thousands of staves, numbered musical notation files, and EOP NMN files offered on our official website with new files uploaded daily. You can search for anything you want!


You can download EOP files to listen to and play them with EOP Follow Me, download free staves and display it with the EOP Music Stand, or download NMN files to play with EOP NMN Follow Me.


Exquisite EOP Skins

---Different Themes for Your Keyboard


We have lots of different styles and themes of EOP skins for free. Check out our favorites: "How to Train You Dragon", "Age of Extinction", "Measureless Universe", "Frozen" and more, for you to download.


Skins are updated periodically. You may also suggest ideas or themes for future skins.


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